About Me

Self Read_Gene_LuptakCheck out my blogs; I have categorize them in several files (Thoughts, Flash Fiction, etc.). Click on each file to read them. My most recent ones are listed before they go into one of the files. See my blogs at the right side of this page. Now, about me. I was born in 1938 to immigrant parents from Slovakia. Attended schools in Ohio, California and Arizona. BA degree in Journalism from Arizona State University. Served two years as a lieutenant in the Army’s Military Police Corps and Public Information Office.  Newspaper reporter for over 30 years at the Milwaukee Journal and The Arizona Republic.  Dropped out of society in 1968 and bummed and thumbed throughout  Europe and Morocco, the basis of my book “My Life Shattered then it got worse, until….”  Shook off hippie lifestyle and became respectable. Married Dawn in 1973; now retired and living in a forest home at Pinetop, Arizona. In addition to writing “people” stories, interests include fishing, organic gardening, travelling, raising cockatiels & lovebirds and collecting such things as bottle caps, feathers and paper clips.