Bluejay vs. Squirrel

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May 14, 2013 by genelup

Sitting on my porch deep into the forest and watching wildlife. I put a handful of  peanuts-in-the-shell on the porch rail.  A squirrel cautiously jumped from a ponderosa pine unto the rail and grabbed a peanut in his mouth and ran down my driveway.

He stopped, dug a small hole and dropped the peanut in the hole and covered it up.  The squirrel ran away and scooted up a nearby tree.  However, a blue jay in another tree observed the entire episode of the storing of the peanut.

The blue jay flew off a limb and dropped to the ground next to the buried peanut.  With its beak he shoveled the dirt away, grabbed the squirrel’s peanut and flew away.

So far, Blue Jay 1, Squirrel 0.



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