My Birds


May 16, 2013 by genelup

For the last 25 years or so I have raised birds in an outdoor aviary.  Cockatiels and lovebirds.  I probably had a 100 of them through the years. Some escaped when I opened the door and they flew out never to be seen again.  Others died of various causes.  Predators killed some, getting inside the aviary or attacking the birds through the chicken wire.  The other day, I discovered a love bird dead on the ground inside the aviary.  Its head was missing. I have since put quarter-inch mesh around most of the aviary to stop predators attacking through the much larger-holed chicken wire.

Right now, I have eight lovebirds and two cockatiels. A yellow-faced male lovebird last year fell in love with a red-faced lovebird and she hatched three eggs.  Unfortunately, the little babies died just in a matter of a few days.  When I caught the birds last Fall in a fishnet to put them in cages while moving them indoors for the bitter winter, the female found a hole in the net and flew away.  She nestled in an oak tree for awhile, and then disappeared into the forest.

Yellow-faced sat alone on the perch; no one to snuggle up to. But now I see he has a new girlfriend, or maybe he has taken her to be his wife.  I’m waiting to see if he will father a healthy, lively child.


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