Holly’s Story

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May 19, 2013 by genelup

While on a train going through Yugoslavia in 1968, I met an American girl, Holly, who is going to spend time in Greece. Same place I was headed.

She told me an amazing story. She had just come from Russia where she became sick and ended up in a Russian hospital.  She was severely constipated and bloated.

The rest of her tour group had left Russia, but Holly was too sick to leave.  She was put on a stretcher and wheeled into an ambulance that was smaller than a Volkswagen bus. The ride to the hospital in Kiev, the Ukraine area of Russia, took 20 minutes, she said.  The doctor kept pointing out sites along the way, as if she really cared.

At the hospital someone pricked her finger for blood.  She was given some kind of powder and water to drink, along with some pills.  That didn’t work.  She said she wanted an enema, but the hospital people couldn’t understand English, and she couldn’t speak Russian.

They gave her fruit to eat.  That didn’t work.  They used a fluoroscope on her.  Aha, they discovered, she was full of poop.  A couple other doctors were called in and they all agreed that she hadn’t defecated for a few days.

After two or three days in the hospital, Holly was somehow able to convince the slew of doctors, nurses and technicians that she desperately needed an enema.  Someone in the hospital finally figured that out.  It took three people to give her the enema; a doctor, a nurse and a technician.  The problem, she said, was there was no bathroom in her hospital room.

“I rushed down the hall and I hoped that I would make it,” she said.  Luckily, she did.  But she faced another problem.

“There was only one sheet of toilet paper,” she said, adding she had to ball the sheet up before she could use it.

Both of us were laughing real hard while Holly told her story.  She is probably about 9 or 10 years younger than me, and still in college.  She is real nice.  We clicked it off together, but not in a romantic way.  I felt like a big brother to her, and she was my little sister.

 (From “My Life Shattered, then it got worse, until…)


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