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June 11, 2013 by genelup

The Old Man living at Ponderosa Pines has been busy the last few weeks churning soil, digging ditches,  planting seeds and seedlings, pulling weeds and using tons of water hoping he will get a bountiful harvest of tomatoes, lettuce, chard, onions, spinach, jalapenos, beans, peas, sweet peppers, watermelons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, zucchinis, beets, carrots, Lima beans and tomatillos.

It’s a lonely time doing all this.  Sometimes Ms. Robin comes by and watches the old man as he waters the plants and the “plants-to-be” (seeds) hiding under the soil. Ms Robin hops to the ditch and ducks its beak into the water, throwing her neck back and let the drop of H2O trickle down her throat.  She uses her left leg and scratches her left ear, or where an ear would be on a bird.  That scratching actions reminds the old man of his poodle/pug Smokey as he scratches his ear with his paw.  Why do dogs and birds  do this, muses the old man.

Ms. Robin pecks the ground and picks up some fluffy stuff like moss and flies away.  The old man follows Ms. Robin. She rests in a tree for a couple seconds, then flaps high into an oak tree in a neighbor’s yard.  The old man sees Ms Robin is making a nest.  Strange, thinks the old man, that he hasn’t seen Mr. Robin yet.  He hopes there is a Mr. Robin in this picture or Ms Robin’s time sitting on the nest will be futile.

If that happens, the Old Man tells himself, he will put out some lettuce or spinach or chard for all the trouble Ms Robin went through.


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