A Tree from Heaven


July 30, 2013 by genelup

The Old Man & the Sea of Wood

For the last few years the Old Man’s friend John Jacques would drive his pickup into the forest and cut and gather enough wood for the Old Man to buy and burn in his wood stove during the cold winter months.  John died in January, and the Old Man wondered where he could buy enough wood this year.

His neighbors from the hot Phoenix area who only spend a few weeks each summer came up a couple days ago for the first time this year.  He (who is 97 and still kickin’) and his wife noticed they had a dead 100-foot-tall Ponderosa Pine tree in their yard.  They were concerned because it was leaning over a bit and if it should uproot the tree  probably would have crashed upon the Old Man’s house.

The neighbors called Ron, the tree guy in the Pinetop mountains (he’s been cutting down trees for 40 years), and he and his helper came this morning and cut down the tree, slicing it the right size to fit into a wood stove.  The nice neighbors asked the Old Man if he wanted the wood.  Oh, yes! He said!  Now, the Old Man and his Wifey have enough wood to get through this winter, which in past years temperatures could slip below zero.  (Yes, they live in Arizona. It’s not all desert. They live at 7,000-foot elevation in the White Mountains, the largest stand of Ponderosa Pine trees in the world)

The Old Man and Wifey will be warm this winter on their Ponderosa Pines homestead (actually, it’s not a homestead; they bought three lots with five separate buildings on it 12 years ago)

The Old Man and Wifey believe they got the wood…blessings from Above.



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