BIlly Graham: Being evangelist not his first choice

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August 27, 2013 by genelup


I had a personal interview with evangelist Billy Graham in 1974. He told me being an evangelist wasn’t his first choice.

“If I had my druthers, I would rather be a pastor in a small church somewhere and go through all the human experiences that people have,” he said. “I think I miss this…marrying…burying…being with people in their joys and sorrows. Although I have a great deal of it, it is nothing like a clergyman or pastor of a church.”

Graham, who was born in 1918, has preached the gospel throughout the world to tens of millions of people. Today, in his mid-90s, he spends most of his time at home in North Carolina.

Graham held two crusades in Arizona. He said even before he arrives in town his evangelistic team had been working in the area for months preparing people to work behind the scenes. Graham emphasized that all the pray that goes on before he starts a crusade had already made positive results in people. He said he could just stand up and, without preaching, give an invitation and people would flock to the front. The Holy Spirit, through the prayers of believers, was working in the hearts of people even before the actual crusade started.

Graham said in his 1974 Arizona crusade that unless moral and spiritual values are restored in every area of society, “the free way of life we have known in the free world will not survive.”
“…I believe that one of the problems in the world today that is not recognized is the great intensification and acceleration of evil in the world…because the devil knows his time is short.
“The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ may be drawing near. The kidnappings, the violence, the terror all over the world I believe are part of a demonic activity.”

Although decades have passed since Graham uttered these comments, his prophesy is truer now than before.

–From my book, “Fish Catches Man,” a collection of short stories.


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