Satanist Sees the Light

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September 10, 2013 by genelup

People who knew Carol Moore years ago were nice to her because they feared if they weren’t, Moore would cause them to have a migraine headache, or worse.

“I made no bones about it,” she said.  “I was a witch.  I wore a tattoo of Satan on my right hand.”

Moore talked openly about a phase of her life before she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior when she worshiped Satan and believed she could cast spells, using knowledge picked up from occult magazines.

On two occasions, she said, she corralled demoniac forces to do her bidding far beyond the headache stage.

Once, Moore said, a young woman said she was pregnant.  The woman didn’t want the baby and didn’t want an abortion.

Moore said she called upon demoniac forces through a Satanic ritual.  Three days later, the woman had a miscarriage.

“I in no way touched her physically,” Moore said.

Another time, Moore cast a spell at 8 p.m. one night to inflict severe injury on a woman she hated.  Early the next morning, the woman was seriously hurt in an automobile accident, which had an affect on her for years.

“This weighs heavily on my heart,” Moore said, adding that she is sure the supernatural powers she called up caused the accident.

Now, as a Christian, she tells others of her conversion and her experiences in the occult and warning them about what she calls the satanic powers behind such “harmless, little games” as ouija boards, tarot  cards, crystal balls and white magic.

*                                  *                                  `*

From my book “Fish Catches Man,” a collection of short stories.  I interviewed Carol Moore when I was religion editor at The Arizona Republic.


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