Are You a Tank?

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October 1, 2013 by genelup


Trying to be funny, I recently told a person “Tank You,” really meaning “Thank You.”  That person didn’t think it was funny; “I’m not a tank,” the person exploded.

That got me thinking. You can judge a person’s personality by army vehicles.  Now,…stay with me.  A tank is a kind of a person all bunkered down inside himself (the generic word for both male and female), who runs roughshod over other people. He blunders ahead with whatever he wants to do, and the heck with other people.

How about a Jeep?  That person is outgoing and sees the big picture.  He enjoys the scenery along his journey of life.  He may stay on the main road, but sometimes takes a risk and travels down some adventurous paths.

Deuce and a Half:  Ah, he is a people person. He loves to be with people, the life of the party.  He will carry people around and get involved in their various missions of life.  If a person needs a helping hand, he is there to carry them along.

5 Ton Cargo Truck: This person often neglects his own family while helping others.  If a neighbor has a lawn full of tree branches and other stuff he is willing to haul the load to the dump.  He’s always on the go with his helping hands.  His wife gets on him to fix the leaking faucet, but he’s usually out the door and down the street to help the widow’s broken screen windows.

Light Airplane: He thinks he is above everyone else.  A narcissist.  People who know him wishes he would crash land and come down to earth and smell the roses and be more friendly.

Armored Vehicle: Sort of like the tank, but he wears his emotions on his sleeves and puts up a false front that nothing bothers him. He goes through life shielded from other people’s emotions he tramples on.

Water Tanker: This person wells up with tears and has emotions at a drop of a hat.  He always feel sorry for himself.  Misery is his only friend.  People just want to stay away from his waterworks.

Military Police Car: He’s the bossy kind of guy.  He always knows what’s best for people and he thinks his suggestions to others should be considered the law.  When people see him coming they look the other way and try to hide.

Did any of you see yourself as any one of these vehicles?  I did. But I won’t say which one.


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