The Gourd, Pumpkin & Snake

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October 31, 2013 by genelup

It wasn’t all peaceful in the pumpkin patch.  Pumpkins were everywhere, except in the middle of the field where a small green gourd grew.  They were all about the size of baseballs. Not very big, but Halloween was still a few months off.

“HaHaHa,” laughed an orange pumpkin next to the green gourd. “What are you doing here you green slug?  I hope a big raven will come and eat you up and get your carcass out of here.  What will the children think when they come here for Halloween and see you.  You are a freak.”

The green gourd cried, hiding his tears behind a vine leaf.  I wish that pumpkin would stop bullying me, the gourd thought.  I wish it would be eaten by a raven instead. 

That night, the serpent genie slithered into the pumpkin patch.  All of the pumpkins were sleeping except the gourd who was wide awake and wishing he was in the gourd patch across the road and not growing with these awful pumpkins.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” the serpent asked the gourd.

“I can’t.  The pumpkins are tormenting me.  I wish that pumpkin next to me would die.”

“I can help,” the serpent genie said.  “I’ll grant you your wish.”  The snake crawled next to the gourd and whispered something in his ear.

The gourd smiled.  “Yes, I like what you will do for me.”

Weeks later, the pumpkins and gourd grew larger.  The pumpkins became rounder, but the gourd began to take on a different shape.

“You look like a skinny stick,” the pumpkin next to the gourd said. “You’re ugly.”

The gourd didn’t cry.  He just smiled behind the vine leaf.

More weeks went by, and it was time for the green gourd to strike.  One night when the pumpkins were sleeping, the gourd slithered close to the pumpkin that said nasty things to him.  With super powers given him by the serpent/genie, the gourd opened his mouth and his wicked tongue hissed out.  With one great gulp, the pumpkin disappeared.  The gourd/snake had a huge belly.

The next day when children were allowed in the pumpkin patch, two sisters, Nicole, 8, and Kyrie, 6, rushed past all the pumpkins in the patch and stopped in front of the green gourd.

“That’s the one we want,” the girls told daddy and mommy.

The green gourd smiled.  This time he didn’t have to hide his smile behind a vine leaf.



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