Out of the Closet

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November 22, 2013 by genelup

I’ve had a secret for years, and I decided to come out of the closet.  No, I’m not gay, but I do have a deep-seated quirk. (Why do people think coming out of the closet only means you’re homosexual?  You can come out of the closet for other reasons, too.)

Actually, this is not your ordinary quirk, but an obsession. I only blow my nose into colored facial tissues.  White just doesn’t hack it for me.  My nose deserves better. I have dirtied green, pink, blue and almond tissues.

I don’t know when this quirk started, perhaps when I had a choice to use either a white or colored tissue.  I chose colored.  White, I think, is soooooo vanilla and I decided to be more particular into what I stuck my nose into.

A few days ago I noticed I was down to one box of colored facial tissue.  I drove to my local Walmart and scooped 11 boxes of colored tissues from the shelf into my shopping cart.  I left one colored-tissue box on the shelf just in case someone else had the same quirk I have.  Actually, to tell the truth, that box was slightly crushed and I didn’t want it.

I left behind dozens of boxes of white facial tissues.  More power to the vanilla users. I’ve got an monopoly on the green, pink, blue and almond boxes. Please don’t touch them!



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