Russia Flexes Muscles….Again!

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March 29, 2014 by genelup

download (2)I saw first-hand the cruelty of a Russian takeover of a country, just like Russian soldiers today are on the threshold to invade Ukraine.  It was in 1968 and I had just arrived in my parents’ homeland of Czechoslovakia.  I met many young Czechs and they were thrilled for the new-found freedoms they had when the country’s new president threw off some communist restrictions.  But they also knew Russia was pissed off.  Then one morning in the dark of night Russian tanks and troops rolled and marched in and conquered the country.  The American Embassy got me out. I wrote how I felt about Russia in my latest book, “My Life Shattered then it got worse, until…:”

“I was pissed off at the damn Russians.  I had a chance to see the land where my parents were born and meet my uncles, aunts and cousins for the first time.  But the Russians stopped me from doing that.  Now I am in Austria…The damn Russians can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.   I’m not even sure…God would care…if he does I hope he will send Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev and his commie thugs and murderers to hell where they belong.  Maybe the United States is not so bad after all.  At least we have freedom in a capitalistic society.

“I stopped at different airlines (while in Rome) asking if they had anyone who could speak Russian.  I found one woman at TWA, and I asked her if she would write in Russian: ‘I was in Prague; Russian Murderers.’  I explained I wanted to March on the Soviet Embassy when I get back to the states, and I wanted to carry a sign with those words on it.  She wrote the sentence out and was just about ready to give it to me but then she had second thoughts and refused.  She said she didn’t want to get involved with TWA for passing out such help.  I sympathized with her, and didn’t push her too hard.  Later, I walked to a bookstore and looked up some of the words in an English-Russian dictionary.  But, I don’t have the sentence complete yet.”download (2)


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