Adultery in my Household

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September 19, 2014 by genelup

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My household includes my wife, dog, 19 lovebirds, two cockatiels and me. Last summer, my only fischer lovebird and a peachface (I have a dozen peachfaces) fell in love, nested and hatched a little baby.

Let me tell you the difference between a fischer and a peachface. The fischer has a red beak and large white rings around its eyes.  The peachface doesn’t have these characteristics, but mostly has a red face and pale yellow beak.  The baby that hatched from their union last year looked mostly like the peachface, but does have more white around its eyes, and the very tip of the beak is red. A combination of the two birds, I’d say.

This year, however, the same peachface and fischer nested together. Lovebirds are known to mate for life. I have seen these two together at night in the nesting box keeping another baby warm.  This year’s baby is different from last year’s baby.  No white around its eyes and not a hint of red on its beak.

My peachface is unfaithful, and probably was playing around with another peachface when the fischer was napping. Yes, this female lovebird committed adultery.

If I were a Muslim I probably would behead the unfaithful peachface, or stone it to death.  But since I’m a Christian, I believe in second chances and forgiveness.  That peachface will live.

Damn, why do I politicize things that happen around me? Or religioncize them?


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