Bordello Room & Me

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October 8, 2014 by genelup

SILVERTON, Colo. – I walked into the Bent Elbow Hotel & Restaurant here a few days ago and approached the counter. An attractive young lady greeted me. I told her I wanted to go to her Bordello Room. She smiled, gave me a key and wrote down the code so I could get into the hotel next door.

I walked outside to the hotel entrance, punched in the secret 4-numeral code, opened the door and climbed a flight of stairs to the second landing. I turned right and approached the first door on the left. With key in hand, I opened the door to the Bordello Room.

The Queen Bed, of course, is the main feature in the room. A pale green bedspread neatly covers the bed. Several matching pillows of the same color nestles at the head of the bed, along with a draping curtain accenting the wall above the headboard.


Above the bed is a ceiling fan, in case it gets too hot in the room. While lying in bed (if you sit up) you can see your reflection in the mirror on the far wall. There are several paintings on the walls: portraits of lovely young women, and a larger painting of a man and woman lying in a grassy field getting ready to kiss.





A sliding door opens to a private balcony, overlooking notorious Blair Street and Anvil Mountain in the distance.

I was alone in the room for 10 minutes. No, I wasn’t waiting for someone else (such as a lovely young lady) to join me. (I visited the room to write a story about Bent Elbow, and I deliberately teased you readers to read this story this far.)

The Bordello Room is one of six rooms at the Bent Elbow Hotel attractively decorated to reflect the themes of certain eras. In the late 1880s and the first half of the 1990s, as many as 130 prostitutes worked out of brothels and cribs on Blair Street to mostly service the hundreds of miners who worked in nearby gold mines. This room represented what a crib looked like during Blair Street’s heyday. The street also had a slew of saloons and gambling rooms.

The other rooms’ decor represents Victorian, Americana, Railway, Western and Cottage (full kitchen and dining area) themes.

The Bent Elbow Hotel & Restaurant is open throughout the year. Most of the businesses in Silverton close for a few months in the winter after the tourist season. The Durango & Silverton Railroad brings in thousands of tourists each week during the summer months.

The Bent Elbow was erected in the fall of 1907. It originally housed the Zanoni & Padroni Saloon, and later the Florence and Monte Carlo saloons. The original Bent Elbow was just north of this building. It burned down in 1968, and the Bent Elbow’s name was changed after that time to this 1907 building.

Each of the rooms has a guest book, usually sitting on the nightstand. Guests are encouraged to make comments in the book.

In 2009, Stephen and Michelle from Grand Junction, Colo., spent their honeymoon in the Bordello Room. In the morning when they got out of bed, Michelle opened the curtains to the private balcony. An eagle sat on top of the building across the street. They watched the eagle soar overhead and fly away. This scene just added an extra joy on their honeymoon while staying in the Bordello Room.

And, the couple must have liked the room. They have checked into the room two more times since their honeymoon.



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