Christmas Movies

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December 15, 2014 by genelup

Just about every movie you see in the theater or on TV or a novel you read will have the same basic plot. Put it simply, there’s a protagonist, antagonist, a conflict, a dark moment or struggle, and the resolution. The antagonist doesn’t have to be a person, but perhaps an earthquake, raging fire or man-eating shark. And the protagonist could be an animal (“Lassie Come Home”).

“Conflict in fiction can be as diverse and as individual as you are,” wrote Tina Morgan, an author. “It can also be used effectively to heightened tension and increase suspense. (It may be) the driving force towards the story goal…the means to overcome that same conflict can then become a path to victory for the protagonist.”

I have watched perhaps 30 Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime channels the last couple years, and with the rare exception everyone one of them follow the basic plot I described above. (My wife watches football with me, and I watch mostly these girly flicks with her).

My wife and I chuckle at some common things that happen in these movies. A job-driven single woman or a single mom are usually the protagonist, and a boyfriend or divorced husband the antagonist. Enter in a charming other man, which usually causes the conflict in the mind of the protagonist. Common themes in these movies: the woman and charming man ends up on an ice skating rink and they get tangled up and get very close (physical touch that begins the spark of love). Or, one of a single mom’s child plays matchmaker between mom and charming man. And several times after the resolution snow will fall and everyone is happy.

Of all the Christmas movies we have watched, three are our favorites: “A Dog Named Christmas,” “A Christmas Secret” and “One Christmas Eve.”

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