“American Sniper”: A Wake-Up Call


January 22, 2015 by genelup

Yesterday I saw “American Sniper.” I didn’t view it as a blood & guts war movie, but a documentary of what our brave men and women in the military have to face, not only what they experienced on the battlefield but the challenge they have to flip a switch inside themselves back home to function as a civilian, a spouse and a father.

Chris Kyle had a hard time making that transition. His love for his country and his obsession to save the lives of his fellow soldiers and marines was much more important than the 160 Islamist terrorists he killed. He saved more American lives than the ones he put in the ground.

The movie is too intense for children and for older teens and adults who can’t stomach exploding F-bombs throughout, the splattered, bloody killings, a santanic Muslim who tortured a small boy with a electric drill and the men who came home with missing limbs or a mutilated face. It’s not pretty, but it is a glimpse of reality. Only a glimpse. Reality what they face is much more worse than what we saw on the screen.

“American Sniper,” “Black Hawk Down,” and “Lone Survivor” bring to us Americans an heightened awareness of the evil in the world that is really only a footstep away from our homeland. While watching the fighting from door-to-door in an Asia town brings the nightmare that some day this type of killings could come to our own towns and cities in the United States.

Sometimes I think our Washington leaders don’t have a clue (and maybe they do but they are in a state of denial) how dangerous the Islamic terrorists are. These scumbags certainty are evil santanic maniacs. Appeasement to them that appear to be our foreign policy only kill more of our brave. The military is being cut, given rules of engagement orders that put our soldiers more in harm’s way and when our military men and women retire and come home their benefits are cut. Sometimes our enemy is not on the battlefield.

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One thought on ““American Sniper”: A Wake-Up Call

  1. Great post! I completely agree.

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