Slamming of our Bibles

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April 4, 2015 by genelup

Last night our church held its Good Friday service. At the end, as the lights were turned down to near darkness, we held our Bibles open. We heard 33 drumbeats; one for each year Jesus lived on earth.

At the first drumbeat I pictured Jesus as a baby, being held close to Mary’s breast, two, three and…Jesus’ childhood, a toddler (did Jesus know he was the Son of God?) Then 5 and 6 and 7, the age of my youngest granddaughter. I know what a 7-year-old is like, and a 9-year-old (my oldest granddaughter). I can see Jesus at those ages through the eyes of my granddaughters.

Then, 11 and 12– that’s when Jesus astonished the religious leaders in the temple. Remember he had to go about his Father’s (God) business. He knew then he was the God-Man. Then 13…and into his teens years. I’m sure Joseph was teaching him the carpenter’s trade. The drumbeat went on and on…20, 21 –I’m sure Jesus was working alongside his earthly father building things.

Age 25, 26, 27…He’s studying scriptures and praying often to his heavenly Father. The drumbeat hit 30; Jesus starts his ministry; he changes water into wine at a wedding feast…31, 32, he heals the sick, he preaches in synagogues, he teaches his 12 disciples. Then age 33; the ministry continues and goes into his final week: The Last Supper; crying out in the Garden of Gethsemane, his arrest, his trial, his crucifixion; SLAM!!! A gunshot sound as we slammed our Bibles shut. Quiet…we filed out.



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