Apache Kid and Me

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April 22, 2015 by genelup

I live in Pinetop, Arizona at the foot of Pinetop Mountain. The notorious Apache Kid, a renegade Indian who killed and robbed people and spent time in Alcatraz and Yuma Territorial Prison, once roamed my area. Who knows, he might even have sat on my property 125 years ago and cooled himself under one of my huge Ponderosa pine trees.

I wrote about the Apache Kid being in my neighborhood in my book on Arizona’s White Mountains, Top O’ the Pines:

“In the late 1800s a family lived in a two-room cabin at the base of Pinetop Mountain just south of Rim Road.  Anna Jackson, interviewed in Lakeside Locale, a Blue Ridge Junior High School project in 1985, said the cabin had a blanket for a door and flour sacks for windows.

“One night, while the mother and her two babies and teenaged son were in bed, an Indian man crept in.  The mother and son remained quiet, feigning sleep.

“As soon as the mother saw him she knew it was the feared Apache Kid.  Jim (the teenage boy) also saw him.  The Apache Kid glanced at the babies and then the mother. He went into the second room, looked around and then walked out. He looked at Jim and the rifle aside the bed. He then left the cabin.

“The mother and Jim were very shaken, but they hopped out of bed and peeked out the window.  They saw the Apache Kid, his horse, and about nine other Indians.  They apparently were looking for kidnapped Indian maidens.  The Indians left, and after this the mother refused to return to the cabin.”

It’s nice to know a celebrity once was in my neighborhood. Maybe on my property.

The Apache Kid 220px-Apachekid


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