Our Neighborhood Dog


May 28, 2015 by genelup

Billie became part of our neighborhood family last November.  She roamed the neighborhood bumming handouts.  And several neighbors were willing to give her food. She knew where the rain water and puddles of melted snow were for drinking water.

She loved to amble with us while we walked our dogs. One lady owns an old, hard-of-hearing dog. Once a car was coming and she couldn’t get her dog off to the side of the road. Billie saw the trouble and she nudged the old dog off to the road’s shoulder. Billie is a female dog and probably only a year old. One neighbor thinks she was part chow because her tongue was black. Her fur is totally black with brown undertones.  A lovely dog. We all fell in love with her.

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Where Billie came from we can only guess. Maybe from the nearby Indian reservation. Maybe someone dropped her off in our neighborhood and drove off, leaving her stranded here.

About two months ago, a lady wanted to take Billie to the animal clinic to get checked out and get sprayed. Billie got hostile when the lady tried to put a collar on her and tried to put her in her car. After several attempts, the woman gave up. We realized Billie was a free spirit; not to be owned or tamed by anyone.

We don’t know where Billie slept; the nights sometimes dipped into the 20s and even into the teens. The newspaper lady said someone was stealing papers off customers’ driveways. Some of us believe Billie used the papers and made a nest in a drainage culvert.

Unfortunately, a couple of neighbors didn’t have compassion for Billie as we do. They called animal control and wanted the officer to haul Billie off, probably to be euthanize because she wouldn’t be a good candidate to become a good, household pet. When Billie walked the neighborhood some dogs in fenced-in backyards would bark at her. I never heard Billie bark back but just strut by enjoying her freedom. We who loved Billie asked people not to call animal control. We knew it would be her death call.

For the last several weeks I have carried my camera while walking my dog hoping to take a picture of Billie.  She hasn’t been around for a long time. I hesitated to call animal control and be told the horrible news of Billie’s fate. I wanted to remember Billie as a free-spirited dog roaming our neighborhood and enjoying every minute of it.

However, today I saw my neighbor, Gary, who lives around the corner and down the hill from me. He said Billie got impregnated and another neighbor was able to corral Billie into his vehicle and take her to the Humane Society.

“They cleaned Billie up and she had nine pups there,” Gary said.  “They all will be up for adoption.”

I hope Billie and all her pups will all be adopted, and I hope a rancher or farmer will adopt Billie. She needs to continue to be a free-spirited dog and have the run of the place.

We in the neighborhood will miss her; seeing her bounce and run with joy when she comes up to us and let us pet her. Maybe now I’ll go to the kennel and finally get a picture of Billie so I can remember her in the days, months and years beyond.


One thought on “Our Neighborhood Dog

  1. Joe Harris says:

    Thank you for your story Gene. I will spend more time reading at your site. Although I only recall meeting you once at a Camelback High reunion. I have known of you because we rode the same school bus from Madison school in the 1940’s and by noting your byline in the Republic and the Spartan Blade.

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