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June 6, 2015 by genelup

Bears roam through our property at Ponderosa Pines in Arizona’s White Mountains, and blue jays and squirrels abound near our feeders. There’s a fox running across the road and some javelinas across the street on the Apache Reservation. The other day about a dozen wild turkeys nested in a nearby tree. Deer come down from Pinetop Mountain. A chipmunk family lives under my small office building. Very rarely have I’ve seen a wild rabbit. Once I saw one resting in a bed of day lilies, another time I scared one and it ran away from under a propane gas tank. And I watched one eating bird seeds near our back door. I want to see more rabbits here in the forest. A few days ago I saw one while walking Smokey, my poodle/pug, on a leash. The rabbit was on the side of the road..bloody…stiff…dead. I hope it wasn’t the one I saw eating at my back door.



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