I Admire These People

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July 13, 2015 by genelup

Ponderosa Pines is what I call my home in Arizona’s White Mountains. There are five buildings here — two houses, two garages and my office filled with books and research material I hope to turn into stories someday. There are probably 100 trees and shrubs here, some pines about 100-feet tall. I have space on these three lots and I can spit out my window and my luggie won’t stick on my neighbor’s house. I’m not boxed in like I was when I lived in crowded subdivisions in Phoenix some years ago.

I’m saying all this because if I had to do it all over again I think I would live off the grid. But 50 years ago I didn’t know what living off the grid was about.  Because our nation is in a state of decay now, I live vicariously when I watch my favorite television reality shows.  No, they are not some naked men and women living in the jungle or some bachelor wooing women, or unfaithful housewives living in Oshkosh or someplace. These shows I watch are about people and their joys and struggles who live off the grid. I never miss an episode of:

Mountain Men, Life Below Zero, Woodsmen, Ice Lake Rebels, The Last Alaskans and Alaska Bush People.

These people live off the land, not seeking government handouts. They hunt, trap, fish, harvest trees, build their own cabins, haul water from clear-running streams, and marvel at God’s beautiful and bountiful creation. They are not debted to anyone. They sell skins and barter with their friends to survive. And when there is a need their friends are there to give a helping hand. To them government entitlements are a sin. They refuse handouts. They call their own shots. If they can’t make it, shoot it, trap it or grow it they do without. And they survive using their wit and hard work.

They are one with nature. I wish I could be one of them. Maybe I’ll write a novel about a Mountain Man living in the wild, or what it is like living on a houseboat on a northwoods lake where there is no property taxes to pay, or living in extreme cold and your only transportation is dogs pulling you on a sled. Yep, I think I’ll do that.

In the meantime, I got a lot of wood to chop this summer to heat my house in my wood stove this winter. I’m at 7,000-foot elevation and we can get some snow and cold weather. And I bought some Dutch ovens and I plan to do more outdoor cooking.

I guess I’m sorta a mini-Mountain man here at Ponderosa Pines. At least I would like to think I am.

The Old Man & the Sea of Wood







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