An RV Shangri-la


July 26, 2015 by genelup

My wife and I bit into our pepperoni pizzas. We looked at each other; thumbs up. We finally found our perfect thin-crust pizza. They weren’t from a store or restaurant, but were baked in a wood-fired oven hauled to our RV park on a trailer.

Steve and Monica Marty are the owners of this travelling pizza machine. They also own the Silver Bean trailer housed during the summer at Dolores River Campground at Dolores, Colo. Silver Bean sells coffee, pastries and breakfast burritos each morning to us RVers.

Since buying our motorhome 15 months ago, we have stayed in RV parks from Arizona to Minnesota, and none are as nice as Dolores River Campground. Billy and Lainey Beyhan bought the RV park a few years ago and made major improvements.

There are two fish ponds there, bordered by a strip on land and the swift Dolores River. Our RVs are shaded by huge trees. There is a little forest area to walk our dogs.

Each Wednesday, we have pizza day with a visit by the pizza-oven-on-wheels. It is unusual for RV park owners to socialize with their patrons, but Billy and Lainey do. After we finished our pizzas and were smacking our lips, Lainey brought over to us a piece of blueberry-cherry pie. On the Fourth of July Billy and Lainey hosted a pot-luck picnic for their guests. Each Saturday they hold an ice cream social. We feel like family at this RV park.


These pictures are of Dolores River Campground including the fish pond. And Steve Marty is baking a pizza in his wood-fired oven on a trailer he hauled to our RV park. Photos by Gene & Dawn Luptak


One thought on “An RV Shangri-la

  1. Sherri Casey says:

    Looking forward to my first pizza Wednesday at DRC soon!

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