Dead Leaf and Me

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January 11, 2016 by genelup

Every morning when I wake up and still lying in bed, I look out my bedroom window. God has let me see another day. I smile. An oak tree greets me with its multitude of limbs and twigs looking at me in bed. In the Summer green leaves glimmer, but in the dead of winter I see the naked limbs and twigs. In the distance towering Ponderosa pines stretch it necks to hide part of the blue sky.


Today when I woke up, I noticed the icicles hanging above my window, the snow on the garage roof and a dead leaf.  All the other leaves on the oak tree had fallen off two or three months ago. I probably already raked them up and burned them.


But that one brown leaf still hangs on.  It has survived swirling high winds and I watched it swing back and forth in the winds but it still hangs on. Couple times this winter heavy snow pushed the dead leaf into the pile of snow on the garage roof. It is buried. I go outside, climb a ladder and shake the limb and the twig with the dead leaf pops up. The leaf still hangs on.

For some strange reason I’m drawn to that dead leaf.  I think God is using that leaf as an object lesson.  When I face the storms of life, do I let loose and fall? Or, do I hold on to my faith and ask God for strength and perseverance?  When I’m alone hanging on and no one is near, do I give up…and fall?  I think of the strength of the tree, its roots buried deep in the soil and its limbs staying strong when high winds swirl around. The tree reminds me of God’s strength. I can hold on because my strength comes from God’s Son, Jesus Christ.





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