Hollywood’s Naked Butts

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March 30, 2016 by genelup

Hollywood is obsessed with men’s naked butts.

I don’t go to many movies, but the ones I’ve seen the last few years has shown me more than I want to see.

I have seen Jack Nicholson’s flabby behind peaking out from a hospital gown while he was waddling down a hospital hallway.

I think Ben Stiller is a great actor and had high acting morals until he stood up on a beach and his 20-foot naked butt dominated the wide screen.

Could comedian Adam Sandler lower his standards and give in to the perverted Hollywood writers, producers and directors who are foisting men’s naked butts on us? Unequivocally, Yes!  I couldn’t believe what I saw in living color.  Here is Adam Sandler at a barbecue grill stark naked. He’s grilling fish.  He flips a fish into the air and catches it — I’m not making this up — catches the fish in the crack of his butt.  I almost puked in my popcorn.

From that low point in my movie going experience, I also saw Steve Carrel’s naked butt in “Get Smart” and Jim Carrey’s naked butt hugging a motorcycle seat in “Yes Man.”  In fact, a whole audience of couple hundred naked butts was shown in this Carrey movie.  And don’t forget all the naked men’s butts on the ship in “Mama Mia.”

My theory for this men’s-naked-butt phenomenon in movies is, obviously, for SHOCK VALUE!  Holly wood already has exhausted women’s naked bodies (even the “bush” in one of the Nerd movies). Now it is the men’s turn to show a different kind of cleavage. What’s next? Showing the movie public men’s pubic areas. Yes, men’s penises will be shown in movies, if it hasn’t been already. I told you I don’t see many Hollywood movies.  If it hasn’t happened yet, it will sooner than you think.

These Hollywood writers, producers and directors are already priming the public for more naked shock values. They are catching up to the porn movies. We are talking now of PG and R-rated movies. Men are now seen in movies standing in front of urinals peeing.  They obviously are holding their hidden manhoods.  I remember one of the Wilson brothers, I believe it was Owen, who, without actually showing off his penis, masturbating into his friend’s sock. Ouch! Shock Value City!

The other night a Jennifer Aniston’s movie was on television. My wife and I were watching it and I fell asleep.  When I woke up, my wife asked me if I saw Jennifer’s naked butt. Dang! I missed it.

Man’s butts must go. The moral fabric has been torn so much in America to show all kinds of nakedness. Bring back the olden days. But not so far back when married couples had separate beds in their own bedrooms. Just sayin’.



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