Mailman’s Nightmare

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May 16, 2016 by genelup


Just a few miles south of Costco on Highway 69 near Prescott, Arizona, is the small town of Walker. It was once a gold boomtown but now mostly summer cabins for the heat-weary families living in the Phoenix and Tucson deserts. Some braver families live there year-round where winters could be harsh.

Walker was named after Capt. Joseph R. Walker who discovered gold in the area in 1863. At one time Walker had a population of 3,000, and the town had its own post office from 1879 to 1940. When the gold mines played out, the town became a ghost town. But at elevation around 6,500 feet, cabins were built. A volunteer fire department was established and a fire station built to protect the hundreds of nearby buildings. Other highlights of  Walker:

*About 100 mailboxes stretch almost out of sight at an end-of-town corner. This obviously is a mailman’s nightmare, who refuses to go beyond this point over rough forest roads.

*A road in Walker is named “Pink Car Road.” And, a pink car is parked permanently there at the intersection.

*A giant charcoal kiln, a Kodak moment, stands nearby.

Walker lies on both sides of Lynx Creek. The creek flows through the town to nearby Lynx Lake, a popular fishing site, another plus for Walker residents.

Pink CarPink Car Signwalker kiln



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