The Music Box

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September 3, 2016 by genelup

music box

The music box in the house was really old. And the lady who owned it was even older. Every morning she would wind up the music box, drink her coffee, relax and listen to the music.  And, even at night she played the music as she fell asleep.  This went on for over 70 years; every day and night. The music box looked forward playing morning and night for the old lady.

One night, the old lady turned on the music box and fell asleep listening to the soothing music.

But the next morning the lady didn’t turn on the box, and not even that night.  The music box didn’t see the old lady all that day.

The next morning a lot of people came in and out of the house.  A big black van was parked outside.  Someone shut the door and locked it.  The music box decided it never wanted to play music again.  It only wanted the old lady to hear him.

Then one day someone took him away to another house but when they wound him up he refused to play.  They were disgusted with the box.  Someone in the house said it was the favorite thing the old lady had in her house.

Late that afternoon someone took the music box to a cemetery and placed it in front of a tombstone.  The music box recognized the picture of the woman on the tombstone.  It was the old lady. The music box turned itself on, and played and played the music the old lady loved.



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