Kitchen Lore

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September 5, 2016 by genelup

banana shoe

“Okay Julia,” her mother taunted. “Make something beautiful out of this.”  She tossed the 7-year-old a banana peel.  Julia waltzed to her bedroom, but only for a few seconds.  Her door opened and Julia ran to the refrigerator, grabbed something, slammed the door shut and ran back to her bedroom.  Silence for a while…and Julia flew back to the kitchen, fetched something more from the fridge and coasted back to her bedroom.

What started this flurry of activity? Julia kept getting under her mother’s skin by constantly asking her about the different foods in the kitchen. “Why did you throw the stem of broccoli away?” “What’s wrong with that end of the tomato?”  “Let me have the scraps of the vegetables you throw away. I’ll make something beautiful out of them.”

That’s when her mother grabbed the banana peel.

Julia finally marched out of her bedroom with a bag of vegetable parts. “Sit down, Mom,” she ordered. “Remove your shoe.”

Mom sat down and took off her shoe.  Julia Child went to work and created a veggie shoe for her Mom.


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