The Sad Carousel

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September 30, 2016 by genelup


Mr. Carousel is a miniature, wind-up  merry-go-round that has been sitting on 7-year-old Holly’s dresser in her bedroom for three years. Sometimes she places the carousel on the dining room table and make her parents hear that song. She constantly wound Mr. Carousel up and he had to obey and play the same tortuous song over and over again. Mr. Carousel hated that song that his master put in his mechanical head a few years earlier. That song drove him crazy.

“I can’t stand that song anymore,” Mr. Carousel said to himself. “I could either shut myself down and be thrown in the trash or I’ll work real hard to turn my mechanism upside down. The heck with my master. He never did like me and he put that dumb song in my head.”

It took a lot of hard struggles and concentrations and Mr. Carousel finally tweaked his insides so much he could play the song backwards. Mr. Carousel liked his new song much better. And so did little Holly. She doesn’t play Mr. Carousel as much now, but she goes around humming Mr. Carousel’s new song.  Mr. Carousel enjoys his life much better now.





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