God’s Intervention or Coincidence

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March 9, 2017 by genelup

Several years ago my daughter, Rachel, gave me Ray Ban sunglasses as a gift. I wore them all the time outdoors. Last week while working as a volunteer at a clothing distribution center for the needy, I noticed that one of the lenses had fallen out.

I looked everywhere at the center for the lens; also in my car; in the parking lot. I looked everywhere in my house thinking I didn’t notice the missing lens when I put them on that morning. Maybe while walking to my car. Nothing!  I gave up looking for the lens. I went online to buy a new lens (afterall, Ray Ban sunglasses can cost up to almost $200). I learned that “Ray Ban 3212 Flight Senior” sunglasses are out of production and replacement lens apparently not available. I was out of luck.

In my daily prayer yesterday I mentioned to God for the first time about the missing lens, and if something could be done about my sentimental daughter-given sunglasses.

Later yesterday at the clothing center and while talking to Sonia, another volunteer, I told her that the week before I lost a lens from my sunglasses. About an hour later, a man came to the center and was looking for a pair of shoes. He found one shoe but couldn’t find its mate. He started dumping shoes from several of the large shoe containers. Sonia helped him with the last container and at the bottom to the container was my Ray Ban lens. I hugged Sonia; my prayer was answered.

You might think finding that lens is a coincidence. Maybe. But too many things had to happen that I believe it was God’s intervention. God in the past has answered many of my prayers and concerns, and I know He cares even for little things in people’s lives. Afterall, he knows the number of hairs on my head.

If I didn’t mention to Sonia that I had lost the lens the week before, she probably would have tossed the lens in the trash. I would have done that. Also, when the lens fell off my sunglasses when I carried the container of shoes off the shelves the week before the lens could have fallen into a shoe and lost forever. But it fell to the bottom of the container. Also, in the 1 1/2 years I worked at the center no one ever dumped shoe containers on the floor to find a missing shoe mate.

Coincidence of all those things? I think not!


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