Fish Catches Man

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Fish Catches Man Cover.fw


Release date: August 25, 2008
About 50 fiction and non-fiction stories focusing on the human condition are told in “snippets of life” fashion. Many with surprise endings. Celebrities and common folk are interviewed, including Evangelist Billy Graham, the late comic George Burns and Mitsuo Fuchida, the commander who led the Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor. Travel stories will take you to an Indian tribe living on the bottom of the Grand Canyon; cruises to Alaska and Mexico; journeys to a secluded paradise in Norway, the Sea of Galilee and a soda-water town in Colorado. Read about a satanist who inflicted critical injury on a person she hated, and the love a Mexican peasant had for his people and the hundreds he helped to find God. Figure out how long you will live. The lead-off story tells how a homeless dog bonded with a crushed man to help him overcome his life’s biggest hurdle. And, of course, the fish that outsmarts both man and other fish.

Can be purchased online at:

Can be purchased locally at:
Eddie’s Country Store
Quacker Barrel Gifts in Greer
Send $13 (includes S & H) to:
Gene Luptak
P. O. Box 296
Pinetop, AZ  85935
(928) 358-9178

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