My Life Shattered, Then it got worse, until…

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My Life Shattered


Publication Date: April 5, 2013
It is hard to classify this book. It is an autobiography, a travelogue, an adventure into the European and Moroccan culture, a historical look back to the 1960s, a first-hand witness of the Russian takeover of a small country, a man’s struggle with his demons, a study of young love found and lost, and the author’s vulnerable passion to become an accomplished writer.
It is a touching, vivid and ultimately inspiring account of a young man’s life unraveling, and the journey that put it back together.
Can be purchased online at: 
(Kindle version available)
Can be purchased locally (Pinetop, AZ) at:
Eddie’s Country Store
Quacker Barrel Gifts in Greer
Send $13 (includes S & H) to:
Gene Luptak
P.O. Box 296
Pinetop, AZ  85935
(928) 207-9178

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